Earthbound — In Dialogue with Nature

Mélodie Mousset & Edo Fouilloux

«The Jellyfish», 2021

The virtual reality experience The Jellyfish created by Mélodie Mousset and Eduardo Fouilloux invites viewers to immerse themselves in an underwater world and interact with luminous jellyfish. Sea creatures swim around the spectator and are awakened if they look at them or make sounds with their voices. Jellyfish will respond to a viewer’s singing with their own sounds and colourful animations. If they continue to sing, more jellyfish will gather to create a polyphonic chorus. The work is powered by a synthesiser, developed by the artists, equipped with real-time voice analysis that measures the pitch, tonality, and phrasing of a spectator's voice. Concurrently, it generates audio-visual compositions of an underwater environment, which is transformed into a soundscape. Through harmonious interaction and synesthetic exchange between visitors and virtual beings, the artists have created a sense of connection between species in a poetic and playful way.

Mélodie Mousset (AE) is a French artist. She studied art in Rennes, Lausanne, London, and Valencia, California. Her work oscillates between virtual and physical worlds, unfolding in a wide variety of media such as performance, video, installation, photography, sculpture, and interactive media. Her work has been exhibited in institutions, galleries, and festivals worldwide. In 2020 she co-founded Patch XR, a studio specializing in the development of musical tools and gaming experiences for extended realities (XR). Mélodie Mousset lives and works in Zürich.
Edo Fouilloux (MX) He creates new ways of playing with interactive audio-visual media in real-time. Fouilloux is the director and co-founder of Patch XR. Edo Foulloux lives and works lives and works in Copenhagen.