Earthbound — In Dialogue with Nature

Ursula Endlicher

Input Field reversal #2, 2022

The project links interior- with exterior space, the digital with the «natural». Ursula Endlicher projects a digital gaze on HEK’s immediate environment. The work translates HEK’s surroundings into a digital «browser-based» environment in which physical nature can be observed and manipulated. Selected trees within the Freilager area provide a «prototype» from which digital plants are rendered whose behaviour (similar to biological plants) changes according to real-time weather data, being completely reliant on the audience’s digital gardening skills. At the same time, the trees on site become an interface via AR app: The images of the «coded nature» of the digital plant variations can be accessed through tags on a selection of trees (of biological nature) in the area.

Ursula Endlicher (AT) turns code into physical form. Conversely, she imposes a physical element onto virtual systems. She investigates and uses the - often hidden - structural components, architectures and interfaces of the networked world as topic and creative engine for her own work. By superimposing rule sets from the Internet with processes in the material world, surprising and often humorous perspectives on the "nature" of either world are discovered and further exploited. Her work combines Internet art, installations, objects and performances. Ursula Endlicher lives in New York.